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Last update: Jun. 26, 2012

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ATC CDA2ATC CDA2 CD Player/DAC/Preamplifier
Although this combo appears to be designed with their active loudspeakers in mind, ATC's CDA2 could be easily integrated in every system including a pair of loudspeakers and a power amplifier. Simple to set-up and use and reasonably priced, this product deserves your interest.

Grace Design m903Grace Design m903 USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier
We are checking Grace's third generation DAC/headphone amplifier, discovering that it is not just a simple face lift that we have to deal with: many things have changed and all of them for the best!

M2Tech hiFace TwoM2Tech hiFace Two USB-S/PDIF Interface
The second generation of M2Tech's basic USB-to-S/PDIF interface adds ASIO mode to WASAPI, Direct and Kernel Streaming while retaining the 24/192 streaming capacity, low jitter circuity and its compact size. Price seems appealing too...

Bryston BDP-1/BDA-1Bryston BDP-1/BDA-1 Media player/DAC
Since we still are in the evolution phase as to audiophile media player technology, different approaches on the basic architecture are not only expected but desirable too. We have thoroughly tested Bryston's BDP-1/BDA-1 combination and we discovered a really good offer on the functionality level that excites in the level of sound quality. Obviously they are on the right path!

Munich High End Show 2012Munich HighEnd Show 2012
Top class products and complete audio systems as well as a lot of down to earth designs went on display during the four days of this year's Munich High End show held, as usual, at the M.O.C. There are over 200 photos to look at!

Hegel H70Hegel H70 Integrated Amplifier - USB/DAC
Being the entry level model in Hegel's amp line, H70 offers decent driving capacity, more than adequate connectivity and, as a bonus, a d/a converter module including a USB port to connect your computer and playback your files. It seems that Bent Holter scaled successfully an H100 to be a more affordable integrated amplifier!

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Recently reviewed in

Of all the products we recently reviewed, these proved to be the most interesting. To our opinion that is… The links will drive you to the Greek domain where you can have a look at the photos, the measurements and download the listening session files (where available). If you have any questions about any of these, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

KingRex UC192KingRex UC192 Digital Interface
This digital-to-digital converter offers coaxial S/PDIF, AES/EBU and IIS audio format output form a USB connection, therefore it is a useful tool for any audiophile who wants to stream her audio data stored in a computer. It proved to be transparent, with great jitter susceptibility and reasonably priced.

Lavardin ITLavardin IT integrated amplifier
This is probably the first amplifier based on Gerrard Perrot's work in relation to analysis of memory distortion. The relevant paper was published more than 15 years ago and the fact that IT remains at the top of Lavardin's range since then, could not be attributed to chance… Indeed, albeit its moderate power rating, the amp exhibited a very interesting sound character.

Quad QC-twentyfour/II-eightyQuad QC-twentyfour/II-eighty preamplifier/power amplifier
Peter Walker's spirit meets Tim DeParavicini style in this pair that could be regarded as a future classic. These amplifiers offer a good balance between vintage aesthetics (just look at the cooling openings at the top of QC twentyfour), paying homage to good design (with the coupled cathode output stage) and the sound quality one expects from Quad products.

Devialet D PremierDevialet D-Premier Integrated Amplifier
A groundbreaking design, with excellent aesthetics and a great web based user interface. Could be a viable proposition for the 21st century integrated amp architecture.

Ayre QB-9Ayre QB-9 USB DAC
An asynchronous USB/DAC capable of 192kHz streaming based on Ayre's custom DSP software. We liked it, but we missed an S/PDIF input…

Antelope Zodiac PlusAntelope Audio Zodiac+ / Voltikus USB DAC and Power supply
The Zodiac + appears to be a Swiss knife for anybody interested in high resolution audio and high quality DACs. The Voltikus external power supply offers a sound upgrade too.

Audio Note JinroAudio Note Jinro Integrated Amplifier
A dream machine for the tube circuit lover. It seems that the Ongaku spirit lives through this integrated amp. A must-see, must-listen-to piece of equipment.

Group Testing…

Group tests, the review of a number of products with similar pricing and/or similar functionality is among the most interesting things to do. Sometimes there are surprises hidden in the details, if you study carefully the data, sometimes there are not.

Pre/Power Amplifier pairs
We reviewed 8 preamplifier/power amplifier systems with a price range between 2,000 and 4,400 euros, including solid state, hybrid and pure tube designs from companies such as NAD, Quad, Parasound and Tsakiridis Devices.
S/PDIF cables
Well, this was a little bit controversial but, also, an interesting thing to do. Thirty pieces of cables, designed to transfer digital signals according to S/PDIF protocol with a price tag between 30 and 1,000 euros were measured, listened through and recorded.
Phono Preamplifiers
Fourteen phono preamplifiers in a price range between 400 and 2,000 euros.
Turntable/cartridge Sets
Good for the vinyl lover. Includes some very well-known names, like Dual, Thorens, Rega, Pro-Ject and Clearaudio.
Bookshelf Loudspeakers
Small loudspeakers are good for small spaces and for medium -to - small listening distance. This test involve ten pairs, from manufacturers like Leema, ProAc, Aliante, ATC and Audio Spectrum.
Integrated Amplifiers
Eleven integrated amplifiers including the Cambridge Audio 840A, Harman/Kardon HK990, NAD C375, Naim Audio Nait XS, Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 and XTZ Class 100D3.
D/A Converters
Thirteen digital to analog converters including Cambridge Audio DacMagic, YBA WD202, Benchmark DAC 1 HDR, Bryston BDA-1, Naim Audio DAC and North Star USB dac32.

Upcoming Reviews

Here is some of the stuff we already have our hands on. Expect the review to be published in a few weeks time.

Quad QC-twentyfour/II-eighty
Quad QC-twentyfour/II-eighty
Elac 330CE
Elac 330CE
Metric Halo LIO-8 Audio Interface
Metric Halo LIO-8 Audio Interface
Block PS100 Turntable
Block PS100 Turntable
Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus
Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus
Xindak D1/D2
Xindak D1/D2 Network player/DAC
Audio Analogue Cherubini VT
Audio Analogue Cherubini VT Tuner/DAC