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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012


Top class products and complete audio systems as well as a lot of down to earth designs went on display during the four days of this year's Munich High End show held, as usual, at the M.O.C. There are over 200 photos to look at! There are also some pictures from hifideluxe, a much smaller show that was organized during the same period in Munich but in a different place. You can find them here.

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Aboslare showed this single ended monoblock power amp, based on two 845s.

Adam's second generation of top level home loudspeakers.

USB DAC from Advance Acoustic. MDX-600 supports 24bit/192kHz audio streams via USB.

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Air Force One is an impressive turntable from Hideaki Nishikawa made its world premier in Munich, this year.

This loudspeaker from Italian AlcemiaVero uses carbon fiber conical reflectors to produce a diffused sound field.

AMG is a new turntable company from Germany. Viella 12 is their first product.

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A full loudspeaker system including electrostatic panel main units, two bass units and a really big spherical subwoofer.

First appearance of an ambitious project: Top class digital preamplifier/DAC from Antelope Audio, based on rubidium clock.

Two-way floorstander form Apertura with ribbon tweeter.

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LaVoce DCAC from Aqua offers a choice between conversion chips. User can select between Burr Brown, Analog Devices and even the (well good-old) Philips TDA1541 chip.

Brand new av receiver from Arcam, AV-888 1.4, along with multichannel power amp P777.

A collection of Ascerndo's loudspeakers, all based on a coaxial driver.

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ASW's Cantius series now includes two new floorstanding models.

This is an interesting loudspeaker from Atom, named the GT 3.0. It's a 3 ½ way design with high sensitivity (92dBSPL).

Atoll's phono preamp (P-200), and DACs (DAC-100 and DAC-200)

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It's not new but always an interesting one: The La Source, from Audio Aero.

One of the Audio Exclusive's main exhibits: The 3.1 electrostatic.

Audio Physic introduced their new Classic 20. It will be available in a variety of finishes.

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Audio Research are talking to a less conservative audience with their Digital Media Bridge that offers audio file streaming via USB.

Audioblock's bookshelf loudspeaker (S-100) is an affordable an good looking product.

Audiodata displayed Audiovolver II, a room acoustics equalizer capable of time and frequency domain corrections down to 0.6Hz resolution.

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This is AHLM from Audiomanufacture. A loudspeaker with a really interesting structure...

... and a more classic design as well.

Ory is the new music server from AudioNec.