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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012

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Harmonic from Greece, introduced this massive integrated amplifier with a mosfet, class A power stage.

Heco's Celan GT (to the left) and Magnat's Quantum 1003 (to the right).

A rather strange finish for a Hegel H100 integrated amplifier.

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Holborne displayed the Analog 2 turntable...

… along with the RPA-3 MkII phono preamplifier. specializes in horn loudspeakers. The Universum 3W (left) is their top of the range product, while the FP10 (right) appears to be a more conservative design.

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Berlina RC11 is Isophon's top of the range product.

This is Abscisse, Jean Marie Reynard's new loudspeaker.

Kaiser Acoustics' Vivace (to the right)

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Kef introduced a limited production anniversary edition of the LS50.

Kharma's DB9, along with new monoblock power amplifiers from Exquisite series.

Turntable from Kodo.

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Kronos is a new product from a company with the same name. The turntable features two opposite turning platters to counter-balance mechanical forces in the suspension.

Kuzma's Stabi M turntable.

Lansche Audio's No. 3.0, features their well known plasma high frequency driver.

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Provoking cabinet design from Lawrence Audio: The Violin (to the left) and the Drongo (to the right), the last featuring a ceramic mid driver.

Lehmann audio displayed their Special Edition of headphone amps.

Lektor's nea DAC. Digitube (with a valve output stage) supports up to 24bit/192kHz.

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Line Magnetic's integrated amplifier. The name is LM 219 IA.

Full featured monitor system from Lipinski. The L707A Signature is a quite impressive product.

M2Tech's people verified that their already announced Vaughan will be available shortly.

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An always interesting to listen to loudspeaker. The Q5 from Magico.

Magntat's RV2 valve integrated amplifier.

Magnum Dynalab displayed a near-budget valve tuner..