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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012

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Ocean's HR-3 was much more interesting without the grill...

Loudspeakers and electronics from Onda Ligera. The small loudspeaker is the Wave 18, and next to it is the Wave 168D. Company also displayed their DA003 DAC and the PA006 integrated amp.

Opere Sonore specializes in surface activated loudspeakers.

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This is a detail from Opere Sonore's Viela showing the driver as well as the thin surface that produces the sound wave.

Orpheus displayed their Vanguard series of products, oriented towards the “i” generation. This is the iPod Audio Dock.

Ortofon's MC Anna Heritage, named after the soprano Anna Netrebko.

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Always impressive: The M100 monoblock from Paravicini.

In Transfer d/a converter, from Pathos.

A new company, Pernar Audio, introduced their d/a converter in Munich.

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Pio Sound's Eagle series of electrostatic loudspeakers.

Pioneer showed their two-channel products. Here are the integrated A30 and the N50 network player.

Pioneer's N50 without its cover.

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Plinius introduced their media player Tiki. There is, of course, a cd player too, the CD101.

PMC showed their Twenty series of loudspeakers. This is the Twenty 22.

Pro-Jects “Box” series includes the Stereobox DS amplifier and the Streambox DS network player.

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Quadral's Style 100 from the Chromium series. Next to it the SUB-88DV subwoofer.

Qualia and Co. displayed, among other things, their Indigo series USB DAC.

Red Point offers three turntable models featuring teflon platters and high viscosity fluid damping.

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Avantgarde 3 media player/server from Reelbox.

Restek announced quite a few new products. Here, is the Fantasy integrated amplifier...

… and here, the Radiant IV CD player, the Epal integrated amplifier and the Esat DVB-S tuner.

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Music system from Revox. The name is Joy.

Rosso Fiorentino showed their new loudspeakers, the Certaldo, featuring a super tweeter.

An interesting design: The Evince loudspeaker from Scherer.