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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012

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Magnum Dynalab also displayed their hybrid integrated amplifier, the MD309, as well.

Active monitor from Manger (MS-Ms1) based on their famous driver.

Marantz introduced the Concolette music system.

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A classic pair: ST-8 and PM-8 from Marantz.

Margules displayed their HD-1 integrated amp, with a tube-based preamplifier section and semi- power stage, capable of 90W per channel.

Integrated amplifier No. 585 from Mark Levinson. No explanation given for the... reptile!

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Marten's Django.

Metronome Technologie displayed their CD5 player along with the Calypso D/A converter.

Microlab showed their integrated amp, (Basalt I)...

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… as well as their two loudspeakers (Poison I and Poison II), featuring the rather eccentric inverted coaxial woofer/tweeter configuration the company is known of.

Micromega's Aria streaming device.

Ex-Hypex Putzeys and Amerongen founded the Mola-Mola company. Here, their preamplifier/power amplifier pair.

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Montana's Spark 03.

MSB Tecnology showed their FemptoSecond state of the art clock circuit module.

Music Hall's DAC25.3 with a USB port.

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AMS is a CD player/DAC combo, from Musical Fidelity.

Nad introduced new members in the Masters familly: A d/a converter (M51), a disc/media player (M50) and a RAID5 hard disc array (M52).

Valve preamplifier from Nagra. It's the Jazz.

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Naim Audio introduced their new top of the range streaming device, the NDS.

Always interesting to look at: The Grand Reference VI, from Nola.

Norma's Revo series preamplifier (SC2) and power amplifier (PA150).

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This is Fluxio. A new DAC from Northstar Design.

Top preamplifier from NuForce, the P-20.

Ocean way displayed the AS-1 and the HR-3 loudspeakers...