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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012

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A Thixar base under a Scheu Analog's Diamond turntable.

Siltech introduced their SAGA (Structural Amplifier Gain Architecutre). According to the company details, their battery powered system offers exceptionally low noise.

Sonus Faber impressive Aida loudspeaker.

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New cd player, preamp and power amplifiers from Soulution.

Opus CD transport and d/a converter from Stahl Tek.

Stein Music's HighLine phono preamplifier.

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Bach 12 (to the right) and Bach 8e (to the left) loudspeakers from Swissonor.

SWS showed both the Magic Flute (left) and the Figaro (right) loudspeakers.

Symphonic Line's new cd player is the Belcanto.

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T+A showed the TCD-200S loudspeaker from the Criterion series, driven by M10 monoblocks.

This an interesting series from Teac: the 501, includes a cd player, headphone amp, and a d/a converter.

Teac, also, showed their H01 series of components.

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The well known Thiel CS3.7 and some of its components.

Thorax offers a support system based on a kind of concrete.

The only surviving Thorens R22

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A stylish-stylus force gauge from Thorens

Thorens TD124 becomes an contemporary audiophile statement. Here, a refurbished system by Schopper...

... a company that showed an interesting series of rare vitnage Thorens products including this prototype of a tangential tonearm...

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… as well as this TD224 disc changer, with a clock-like mechanism that was perfectly functioning.

Thrax's monoblock power amplifiers. The model is Spartacus.

Tidal introduced their new Agoria loudspeaker and the power amplifier Impulse.

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TMA Audio is a new Swedish loudspeaker company. This is Adagio, a 2 ½ way floorstander with nomex/paper low/mid drivers and a silk dome tweeter.

A custom-made measurements cage from TMA.

Totem's Element Metal loudspeaker.