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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012

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The same company displayed the Response loudspeaker, based on their custom made almost full range (200Ηz-20kHz) driver.

This is a close up of Audio Nec's driver.

AudioNet's media server, the DNC.

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X-3: Floorstander from Audiovector.

USB DAC (ARK MX+) from Auralic.

The company, also, showed an headphone amplifier, the Taurus.

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2.1 system from Auroona.

Preamplifier (PA-5.2), cd player (CD-5.2) and power amps (MA-3.2). All from AVM.

The inner world of a MX-R monoblock, from Ayre.

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Backs and Mueller displayed their Prime 14 floorstander. There was, also an interesting small monitor but we missed it...

BMC's loudspeaker, the Arcadia.

Bouldeson obviously likes spherical cabinets. Here is their Gravity model.

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Burmester's media server. It is the model 111.

A show classic: Reference Twos from Canary Audio.

Newcomer Canta Audio introduced their first preamplifier, Topaz. Interesting aesthetics too...

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Cantico's CX-15 includes a coaxial driver for the low/mid band and a bullet tweeter up to 35kHz.

CEC displayed the TL-3N and DA-3N transport - dac system. Traditionally, the transport uses a belt driven mechanism.

An impressive system from Chord Electronics. Chord also displayed their new network player in the Chordette range, the Index.

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300B based power amplifier from Colotube.

Consonance displayed their LP2 "Die Walkure" turntable.

Preamplifier (Pre XPD QX) and a pair of power amps (X300) from Cyrus.

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Dan D' Agostino's Momentum, now in two different finishes

Dali announced the new series, named the Epicon. Here is the model Epicon 6.

The new Olympia 3 from Davis Acoustics.