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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012

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Trafomatic's amplifiers in white finish.

Rossini is an under 2.000 euros turntable from Transrotor.

Tsakiridis Devices from Greece, introduced their new amplifier series. Here, the Achilleas, a single ended design that offers a choice between two output tubes (300B/2A3)...

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...and the Nepheli, a 6C33/6SL7/EL34 based design. Both models are monoblocks.

Tube Technology's Carbon Synergy PPS is a high powered integrated amplifier, capable of 150W per channel through 6 KT77s. There is a digital voltmeter for the bias too...

A Greek-Cyprus team: Tune Audio horn loudspeakers, along with Aries Cerat electronics, Signal Projects cabling and Tandem racks.

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Usher's B10 Diamond.

Aletheia (which means “truth” in Greek) is a non - ovesampling d/a converter (yes, with the notorious Philips chip) from Vertex AQ. The circuit features a passive i/v converter with a high quality Vishay resistor.

Signature Extreme power amplifier from Vitus Audio.

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Voxativ introduced their new preamplifier, the PA-01. There is an option for Siemens NOS tubes too...

This could be a company to follow: Wadax introduced a digital/active loudspeaker system called La Pasion...

… and a digital preamplifier (with a/d and d/a sections, room equalizer, digital RIAA de - emphasis

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Daniel Weiss introduced his network player/DAC codenamed MAN301.

Well Tempered is alive and kicking! Firebaugh showed us, among other things, the Simplex.

YBA's media player...

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… as well as the massive Passion AMP650 power amp.

Zellaton loudspeakers, based on their custom woofer.

Zu's Sowl Superfly.