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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012

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Denon's new tabletop audio system, the Cocoon.

Devialet displayed their D_Premier integrated amplifier in black color. They also announced the availability of their wireless streaming module.

Corian made horn loaded loudspeaker from Diesis Audio. It's the Caput Mundi.

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Diesis also displayed their integrated amplifier, Event 20-11.

Premium crossover from Duelund, a company which specializes in audiophile passive components.

Monitor loudspeaker from Dynamikks, uses a coaxial mid/high driver.

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No signal cables... Xeo series from Dynaudio is their first wireless loudspeaker system. Just plug it to the wall...

A tribute version of Elipson's BS50. The original model was built in 1953!

The Gamma Reference from Emme in a rather free-style finish...

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Esoteric displayed the new K-07 player.

Prototype of a new loudspeaker from Eventus.

Emperor series from Finite Element includes some active systems for vibration suppression. Here, is the controller of the system.

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SN770 from Fisher and Fisher. Its a three-way floorstander with an aluminum woofer, a magnesium midrange driver and an Esotar tweeter.

Interesting power strip from Fono Acustica.

Forster displayed their FA3 (to the left), the FA7.3 (to the right)...

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... and the FA5.3 as well.

This is the Signature phono preamplifier from Fosgate, along with the well known Fosgometer.

Another pro-audio company introduced a headphone amplifier/DAC. This time, is Fostex with the HP-A8C.

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Electronics from GamuT.

A mint-conditioned Garrarf 401. There is, obviously, a trend towards vintage products...

German Physiks' Unicorn MkII, featuring the well known omnidirectional driver.

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A new top of the range model from Goebel. The name is Epoque Reference.

An LSI monitor from Grimm featuring a woofer at its base.

Hanss introduced their first integrated amplifier. It a valve based design, called the M18.