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Last update: May, 22, 2012

M.O.C. Munich, May 3-6, 2012

HighEnd 2012


These are some pictures from hifideluxe, a much smaller show that was organized during the same period in Munich but in a different place.

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Acapella showed the Violoncello II loudspeaker.

Acoustic Masterpiece's T01 turntable offers the user a choice between a mechanical and a magnetic bearing.

Two Reference monoblocks from AirTight drive a horn loaded loudspeaker, based on a Kilimanjaro driver.

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A pair of new Einstein Final Cut Ultimate OTL monoblocks drive a CRS from Audiomachina.

The Solfege Reference 20 Integrated amplifier from Audiomat.

Audioplan's compact loudspeaker, the Cantata.

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Ayre showed the Evolution version of the P5-x phono preamplifier.

The Puccini player from dCS.

The disc player from dCS' Puccini series.

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The well known Bella Luna and the new, smaller Enterprise, from Bella Luna.

Jadis' DA50 Signature integrated amplifier.

Jadis, also, showed the Uranie, a massive turntable equipped with Pierre Riffaud's tonearm.

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Leema Acoustics showed the Elements series...

...the Essentials USB DAC...

… and a loudspeaker bigger than the Xone.

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Light Harmonic's DaVinci is a d/a converter to look at closely. And listen to, surely.

Lindemann showed the amplifier 825 and the player 885.

Mal Valve likes valves. A lot of valves... Here is their CD player/DAC...

Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail of their power amplifiers (Amp Three)...

… and the preamplifier Four Line Mk4.

A Spiral Groove turntable in action...


A true classic: Townshend's The Rock, in version 7, with the typical trench, filled with dumping fluid...